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Welcome to VIHDS International Trade Academy

Vision Interntional Holdings offers International Trade Academy (ITA) program that is specifically designed to identify and train students/personals to become the best international customs brokers specialists for CEMAC ZONE.

VIHDS with the urge to give a look to professionalism, will be under taking an academic program, International Trade Academy (ITA) which is operational since July 2017.

ITA main goals


  • Our Vision

    International Trade Academy (ITA) is a professional training academy put in place to train and develop insight to those who want to be involved at point or stage in the supply chain. Thus it is an academy put in place to set a benchmark when it comes to conducting international trade. We will help develop not only your professional skills, but also ethical and entrepreneurial skills. Our focus is to train those who will be able to start up successful business of their own in line of proper gating international trade in order to give international trade in this region of the world, the much more violence it requires. To the least be gainfully employed at any stage in the supply chain.

  • Our Mission

    Professionalization in this region of the world is still lagging behind. What most professional school do is that they take you through a course for nine months or two years and you go for one month of internship, and graduate. It poses a problem because somehow, it is not different from a chemistry course. What we intend to do at ITA is that in collaboration with our numerous partners, on a weekly basis, what is taught is been experimented in the companies or at the field in order to create dexterity and for the trainer to be acquainted on an intensified maximum with the working environment. This why to begin, we will be starting with one field which is custom broker. As we progress, we will unfold the various beautiful packages we have in stock for our valued audience.


Why become a Custom Broker?

There are many good advantages and reasons why you should pursue a broker career.

High remuneration

Job guarantee since trade will always be conducted.


Little or no capital to start up with

Be able to work with people from diversified industries from pharmaceutical

You “stand at the gate” of international trade.

No specific qualification really needed, but your readiness to learn and adopt.


Some of our Esteemed partners list.

Ste. Africa Business