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ITA is a professional training institute put in place to train and develop skills and insight relevant for those who desire to be involved at any stage in the supply chain international logistics. Amidst the rising global socio-political paroxysm in international trade with the outburst of the covid -19 pandemic and its worldwide restriction on trade, social distancing, travel restrictions and current lockdowns, there has been a drastic and remarkable decline in business to business activities all over the world. This has made trade across national and international frontiers a nightmare especially in the transport and logistics maritimes sector, which is at the centre of foreign trade.

Nevertheless with or without proposed and implemented solutions to the pandemic, trade in itself can never be annulled because of well structured citadels of knowledge put in place to tutor, mentor, modulate and equipped a much anticipated, enthusiastic, buoyant, zestful and exuberant youth body to become masters in the field.  This can only be done through a prestigious and professional institution called International Trade Academy (I.T.A)  


CB1: IntroductionCB2: Determining Customs DutiesCB3: Clearing Procedure
1- International trade and incoterms
2- Business English and administrative correspondence
3- Ethics, cross cultural management and negotiation
4- Customs laws and regulations  
1- Customs nomenclature Rules of origins
2- Customs valuation  
1- Customs regime
2- Clearing procedures Customs litigation and control
INCLUSIVE: Seminars, entrepreneurship marketing, field work etc……


1stNon graduateNine (9) month300,000 cfa
2ndGraduates, professional and under graduateThree (3) month200,000 cfa
3rdCAMCISOne (1) month150,000 cfa